Over 20 years of history

Dance Impressions, Dance Impressions Productions & Lan Ling Dance Studio was founded in the autumn of 1994, under the artistic direction of Anne Ma.

Weekly classes

Every Sunday

come dance with us

We offer dance classes every Sunday (9am-3pm) ranging from Chinese to classical ballet and hip-hop. Dancing is good for the mind and the body!


Chinese 中國舞

Elegant and Culture

Ballet 芭蕾

Precision and Gracefulness

Jazz 爵士

Theatrical and Funky

Tap 踢踏

Tippity Tappaty

Hip-Hop 嘻哈舞

Best Dance Crew

Chinese Drum 鼓舞

Boom Boom Boom

Create lasting memories with new friends and adventures.

Far far away – behind the word mountains.